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Find clarity and support for a better life

My coaching services are designed to provide personalized support to adults facing work and personal challenges. Gain clarity, develop action plans, and receive ongoing guidance to improve your life.

Who You Are Matters Career Exploration= $150/hour, individual, $50/group

Utilizing the Who You Are Matters approach, I will help you explore your values, interests, and passions within the context of your career. Create an action plan aligned with your authentic self and find a fulfilling career.

The Highlands Ability Battery Individual Assessment and Results Meeting, $495/package

You may or may not know what comes naturally and easily to you- your aptitudes. They are hardwired abilities that we all have. The HAB, a 19-timed work sample assessment taken in the comfort of your own home, measures your natural problem-solving abilities, what energizes and drains you, how you focus, and your orientation towards time. It also provides information about how you learn. We will have an in-depth discussion of what it reveals and how it connects to your current circumstances and future possibilities.

Don’t Waste Your Talent Coaching, $150/session

This program follows your completion of the HAB. We consider the eight factors in the Highlands Whole Person Model. Completion of homework will result in personal and career vision statements, which will serve as a guide for ongoing career and personal decisions.

Overcoming Work and Personal Challenges-$150/hour

Our one-on-one coaching offers personalized support for various work-related and personal issues. Let me help you overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and achieve your goals through ongoing support.

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