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Liz contacted me when she was feeling a little restless and had some questions about her career and her life. I’m “usually a very upbeat person.” She was confused about her current state of mind. Liz had been working as a real estate agent for four years, and while successful, it came at a cost: working a lot of hours, including weekends and evenings. Also, the pandemic introduced new challenges and pressures. She had a clear work ethic; however, her personal and social lives were suffering. Should she move up in her agency and assume a managerial role? This would allow her to have a more set schedule but would also limit commissions from sales. Or she could move to Florida and work in a small retail shop on a boardwalk. Most of us have ideas and fantasies like this. Before giving the “green light” and trading in her blazer for a bathing suit, I encouraged her to take the Highlands Ability Battery. Maybe there were other options to consider?

Liz majored in communications in college. Her first job was in advertising in Colorado. She then returned to Connecticut and started working in her family’s construction business in a generalist role while additionally pursuing educational programs in teaching and real estate. She also followed her passion for photography and set up a side business. She eventually moved into a CFO role in her family’s business. Generalists are people who like diversity and variety in their work, and Liz’s work history certainly speaks to that. As well, specialists like to dig deep and become experts at their role; Liz also had a specialist orientation, dedicating herself to becoming an expert in many areas. Mid-range generalists and specialists often make excellent managers, as they can be a versatile link between the two groups of workers. Liz’s mid-level spatial relations score shows that project management comes easily to her. And she is able to stay focused on the tasks at hand and get things accomplished without being distracted. Liz’s personal style is very much that of a networker. She is very extraverted and gives off a sense of positive energy and likability, which contributes to her success with customers and colleagues alike. Given these blends of natural abilities, it is easy to see why Liz was considering moving into a managerial role. It is a natural fit for her.

I strongly encouraged Liz to try to establish a clear boundary between her work and her personal time and to socialize regularly with her very close group of friends. She needed to do that to recharge herself. She put that plan into action and immediately felt better. She also renewed her commitment to meditation and accepted a very part-time position teaching a real estate course at a community college. Liz reported really enjoying her new mentoring role. Her HAB and our discussions helped Liz clarify her values and goals, and she gained more clarity about her natural style and aptitudes. She decided not to move into a management role, preferring to keep her sales position with the financial commissions that came with it. And, in the meantime, Liz decided to vacation in Florida rather than relocate there.

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